Therapy Practice Overview

I practice using an eclectic approach combining humanistic and feminist psychology. I hold the perspective that therapeutic connection provides the healing power to approach some of life's biggest challenges. I believe in the great words of Nietzsche, "He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how." I strive to help my clients connect to their own personal "why" so we can figure out how to approach the "how".

My lens as a marriage and family therapist is that to work with individuals also requires addressing the system. Adapting to change and loss is also a part of life, and I use my experience in grief work to help clients struggling with life transitions and losses.

My specialties include: expressive arts therapy, trauma, grief, anxiety, parenting, child behavior, family issues, LGBTQ, and trauma stewardship/vicarious trauma.


Individual Therapy



Child/Adolescent Therapy



Family & Co-Parenting Therapy